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Here is the news for the 2020 breakfast!


This year it will not be you who will go for having it, but the breakfast will come to you: in fact, it will be delivered directly to your door!


The day before you can choose how to compose it, decide the time you wish to receive it and ... voila ', you're done!

You can enjoy it calmly in the privacy and comfort of your apartment!


If you are fond of the typical Italian breakfast, you can choose from freshly baked croissants, homemade cakes, biscuits, fresh or lactose-free milk, fresh fruit, a large variety of jams and fruit juices; and then cereals and muesli, yoghurt, chocolate spreads and honey.


If, on the other hand, you are more tied to a Nordic tradition, you will be spoiled for choice between brown bread and cereal bread, eggs, cold cuts and tasty cheese.


We have also for celiacs and lactose intolerants a wide range of certified products.

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